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About Us

We can use a lot of words to express the sprit of kobold.

For examples,protect,inherit,durable,innovate,congitative,ecologically,lasting,skillful,pleasantly surprised,mature,beautiful,or unexpected.

But why do we need Kobold?


There are countless umbrella brands in the world.but no one like Kobold has created the world's most umbrella patent,and has inherited for a hundred years.

A group of people who love kobold,aged between 25 and 40,are creative professionals,or are photographers,directors,writers,designers,or any of them 

who are interested in quality and uniqure design of people,they have a high degree of passion for life,the world has a wide range of interests,this group of unyielding,they travel beacause of work,it can be simply to l love adventure and travel...


Exist in the bustling modern society, they are more eager to a product can make them calm, to protect them to enjoy the journey,

Kobold's  products are designed to appreciate the high quality of the crowd,  believing that the world is beautiful and that different climates,  cultures 

and challenges represent an opportunity rather than a bondage.

Just as 162  years ago, the insistence, innovation, quality and quality of the staff  is still the cornerstone of today's K ° bold personality.


At  the headquarters of China, the world's largest umbrella design patent  has been set up, and facilities in the factory are designed to detect  water resistance, fade resistance and resistance to strong winds - they  can efficiently and continuously detect products and simulate products Equipment  

to test the external strength to ensure that the product has a lasting  and durable life, to create a lifetime of the guardian wizard.

To  a certain extent, kobold has been echoing the value of his own  customers - an internationalized, adventurous, yet immersed in excellent  design and advanced craftsmanship. At the beginning of the new era,  kobold has this around the customer's core values, and further extended to the development of all products on the series.