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Germany brand kobold &comedy film "endless" have a cross-border cooperation


April 1, 2017

First director of the comedy film "endless" will be released in the major theater comedy by Xiaokun,Wang. The film by the actor Fan Wei, goddess Jia Jingwen starring, Lin update, Xue Qian, Mike Sui, Kong Lianshun, Fan 湉 湉 and other famous movie stars Qingli joined. This is a collection of comedy movie stars half of the funny movies. Funny story Fan Wei and funny than the humble "flying Feifei"; Funny cadres Lin to update the purse to teach "hardcover chasing girls"; million fans even the strength of the "pit hero of the old Fan."

Director Wang Xiaokun Ying  have many Road University Roadshows, kobold give a lot of supports all the way

Since March 6, the director Wang Xiaokun attended the major university roadshow, Germany brand kobold give the strong support "endless" pre-screen performances, accompanied for the 20 college fans& sent spring and summer protection gifts - kobold umbrella all the way. "Endless" college roadshow continued for nearly half a month.It is nearing the end,the director Wang Xiaokun feel appreciative to kobold's strong support, and take the photos with kobold products and workers

导演王啸坤与kobold伞合影The director wang xiaokun&kobold umbrellas

导演王啸坤与kobold工作人员合影the director wangxiaokun and kobold's worker

Kobold-- Century quality, designed from the life of fashion perception

Germany kobold is a century international umbrella, SInce 1855, an umbrella covers 104 patents. Kobold carries the German spirit of rigorous focus on quality, high quality and fashion trends in the design of international consumer trust and sought after, known as the "umbrella Rolls Royce."

Kobold pay attention to the quality of the umbrella. In 2017, in order to meet the upcoming spring and summer season, kobold designers max wang designed a series of fashion hit color umbrella. Design inspiration is from the busy urban women because of frustration and go into a daily boring cycle, to achieve fashion and convenience, so the birth of a bold and stunning hit color capsule umbrella. Small appearance, it is easy to carry; color adventure, get rid of boring, burst out of the youthful fashion atmosphere, publicity the Queen's personality.

乖萌海盗,时尚撞色伞Cute pirates, fashion hit color umbrella

乖萌海盗,时尚撞色伞hit color umbrellas

Elegant hit color is more suitable for temperament superior female, umbrella soft and smooth like silk, it seems experienced same feeling, gentle and elegant, full of temperament goddess breath. It is easy to have water repellent, water flick is dry; UPF50 + anti-coating, to achieve 600 back anti-嗮 effect, is the best summer and summer rain and rain umbrella.

优雅撞色,如丝绸般轻滑Elegant hit color, such as silky smooth

And Hawaii style umbrella, umbrella face to a fresh pattern to wake up the hearts of the girls first romantic, lifted the hearts of the deepest sister of the soft Meng, the designer firmly believe that every soft girl need to be protected, umbrella handle with ABS resin material, And umbrella with the same color, alone, ingenuity, feel delicate and comfortable, fresh color cool summer cool.

夏威夷风情,为夏日清爽降温Hawaii style, it just for summer cool

夏威夷风情,为夏日清爽降温Hawaii style, it just for summer cool

Cross-border cooperation, Germany brand kobold support domestic comedy film

The cooperation is the German kobold and domestic comedy film for the first time cross-border cooperation, in strengthening the kobold brand in the domestic propaganda efforts, but also strongly support the development of domestic comedy film in the film is about to release the eve, Germany kobold to further support the film " Endless ", in the kobold flagship store mall vigorously launched cross-border activities, activities point to the designated cross-border area designated products, will be able to get" endless "movie tickets, cross-border designated 2017 kobold new products, Fashion capsules, elegant hit color, Hawaiian style "is not the same as the unique design of fashionable women.

Cross-border area activities set only for April 1, 2017 this April Fool's Day, kobold and director Wang Xiaokun and you meet the theater, laugh together!


Brand cooperation, add color for the domestic fashion trend

Germans in a pragmatic low-key, the pursuit of quality known, Germany brand kobold focus on the umbrella quality of the promotion and development, rarely propaganda; finally entered in 2013 chinese  e-commerce, in order to the pursuit of quality of life,kobold brand for the publicity finally awakened in 2017, propaganda is the first battle with the comedy film "endless" cross-border cooperation, and vigorously support the domestic comedy film, the latter we will continue to strengthen high-quality consumer. The domestic fashion industry Jinding designers will have cooperation for the domestic fashion trend tim color.