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Gold Award Designer Liu Yong &germany brand kobold debut 2017 China International Fashion Week



Fashion is the eternal pursuit of human life

Quality is the basic meaning of the fashion trend



Has been engaged in commodity planning, almost rarely consider to create their own brand, but making professional managers for a long time, or want to more freely sway their own fashion attitude. "So in 2014, Liu Yong's personal trademark of the same name LIUYONG to the fashion industry led by the birth of a custom brand




LIUYONG”Brand founder Liu Yong, China's 20th clothing top designer, director of China Fashion Designers Association, Art Committee Executive Committee, Fujian Province Fashion Designers Association vice president, Guangdong Province Fashion Designers Association


"Custom is not a simple tailored, in addition to the process of culture, the concept of expression, through the design of innovation to the United States to shape," Liu Yong's custom concept has been the interpretation of the current fashion trend, but also in November 2016 Of the 20th China Fashion Design won the "Golden Award", known as one of China's top ten fashion designers.


Liu Yong (the first row of the second) won the Chinese fashion design "Golden Summit" scene

Liu Yong, the moment to accept the invitation of China International Fashion Week, cooperation with the German brand kobold, in March 30, 2017 in Beijing 789 Art District, the first workshop started Liu Yong designer fashion show, what is the trend of this year's fashion trend? Where does the designer's inspiration come from? Let's enjoy the designer's exclusive manuscript


The concept of design for this season:

Young and energetic, is the main force embodied in fashion, personality and fashion combination is a never outdated topic. LIUYONG brand PLAY series this year continue the style of the last season, continue to maintain the "free, personality, handsome" style, with the German kobold "personalized fashion, quality trend" coincide with the idea. Rich and influential dark colors, coupled with eye-catching letters pattern combination, so that the rich culture of the times can be properly publicity, profile slightly changing style, Oversize dress, chic large single product, and comfortable cotton belt There is a strong material, elaborated a designer mind idea - fashion from life.


The fashion brand LIUYONG PLAY & centuries brand kobold first joint cooperation, to create a new generation of fashion trends.

A hundred years kobold choose to cooperate with the fashion industry LiuYONG, intended for kobold design into the new concept of modern fashion for the centuries brand kobold bring fresh fashionable blood, to achieve quality and fashion both; fashion brand LIUYONG encounter a hundred years kobold, is the pursuit of classic quality And the integration of fashion trends, to explore the classic brand to survive the mystery, so as to extend the life of the fashion brand length. It can be said that this cooperation is to achieve their mutual win-win brand strategy.

Then the two sides of the cooperation will be what kind of fashion trend? How to achieve the perfect combination of fashion brand and a hundred years of brand? We first look at last year's China International Fashion Show and kobold century style.



LIUYONG PLAY series fashional show



Classic men kobold umbrella


     LIUYONG's design concept and Germany kobold design concept coincide: fashion from the designer's feelings of life and thinking, and the classic achievements of a century brand.

     In the last season, Xiamen International Fashion Week Liu Yong to "Tianyi" as the theme of the fashion show won the Golden Award - the highest honor of Chinese fashion designers, and design inspiration is derived from the "Northern Lights" and the 20th century, Belgium's most outstanding Surrealist painter Rennie - Magritte PENE MAGRITTE painting.

     Then 2017 of the Chinese international fashion show, fashion LiuYONG and centuries Kobold's two brands for the first time cooperation, will crash what kind of fashion trend, welcome to continue to focus on the German kobold dynamic, 2017 fashion trend let us see!