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Kobold have a birthday party



In order to enhance the cohesion of kobold teamwork, in line with the people-oriented business philosophy, strengthening the communication between enterprises and employees, kobold have a birthday party for employees in the early spring of March


On the eve of the banquet, Taiwan's senior designer Max Wang made a speech.Since 1977 max wang entered the umbrellas& has been 40 years of history, after the creation of the factory, he determined to remake the kobold brand, facing all the world at new attitude. Max Wang said in his speech, kobold is a human-years company, is a good company, is also a focus on personnel training companies, kobolds goat is our company and all employees can get two win, in order to make better development for kobold brand,and also make every employee have a better life, the company has been making plan in the direction of efforts.


After the publication of the speech,Max Wang will also be integrated into the activities of the staff, and employees have a close interaction with him.


  The photos of employees and Max Wang


At the end of the banquet, each employee received kobold's sweet gifts , kobold provide a good helper against the rain and sun for the upcoming spring and summer
With the growing for company's business , kobold pay more attention to the employee's happiness, only to retain talent, companies can grow stronger, the company will hold more employee welfare activities, the company believes that only happy employees, only happy client!