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Gentleman is a kind of grace, it is also a kind of tolerance, a style. Girls are always difficult to resist the gentleman, they are clean and tidy, elegant manner, the character mature, and as a gentleman's first sense is to pay attention to appearance and dress wear, always in the right time, the right occasion, dressed up the most decent shape

Spring has passed, the summer has come quietly, spring and summer's gentleman wear is always full of challenges, the following we will take for everyone to introduce spring and summer's gentleman wear.

1.Cotton & linen and other breathable fabrics

Spring and summer is very hot, if the same as the fall and winter,a suit like veryhot,  so the proposed selection of 100% cotton material or mixed linen breathable fabric, casual suit selection of linen material with cotton shirt, lower body selection cut tail nine pants, looks both gentleman and comfortable and comfortable, handsome for a summer.



2. Add bright tones

Many men see bright color suit is always discouraged, in the traditional concept, the colorful suit is not solemn, but in the spring and summer season, if we pick on the color,it will make you more young and charming, highlighting the charm of spring and summer leisurely. When you add the color to the designer, you can choose a low-fit design with neutral colors such as navy blue, gray, khaki, etc., or use a dive technique to choose one or two , The overall shape dazzling but not exaggerated.

3. Cotton shirt replace for the shirt

if the gentleman wearing is too casual, then the introduction of the ride on the fashion business. Daily suit wear will replace the cotton with the ride, breathable and comfortable temperament, wear is not easy to go wrong, the overall shape simple. 

4. boldly add print elements

I believe everyone in the previous fashion show has seen the charm of the printing of the gentry, especially men love printing elements. 

Spring and summer gentry loaded with flowers printed, coupled with the novel cut with the fabric with the clothing, wear more youthful gentleman style, but to remember to pick a printed single product when we choose the wear, and then according to the printed single product for a simple match, to avoid too fancy and the loss of fashionable atmosphere.


5.Gentleman shorts

Shorts with a suit may seem high-profile exaggerated, but wear is a pair of men. Shorts slightly higher than the knee, together with jacket jacket, with two colors with embellishment, so that the overall shape looks more relaxed, people shines.

 May be a lot of summer men do not want to go out with umbrella, after all, tan into bronze skin even more masculine. But in my impression, the typical British gentleman always will be with an umbrella, carry umbrella is actually a kind of accessories, it is a symbol of gentleman, not only can prevent the changing weather accidentally turn you into a drop chicken , but also at any time for the side of the woman shade, highlight the gentleman's thoughtful. Then a gentleman, what kind of umbrella to wear it?

Let's take a look kobold's umbrellas for gentleman.

                  Item no:G1782-618

Holding the umbrella of the golf umbrella head,the feeling is that you are on the sway of your golf in the glass, retro umbrella filled with the atmosphere of golf gentleman, it must be significant grade with umbrella out of this umbrella




                      Item no:WS1601B

 To be a 80-year-old gentelman is very fashionable, a quality attitude to enjoy the life. This gentleman umbrella looks like a walking stick, the classic black umbrella simple and steady, highlighting the wisdom of men's life.

                    Item no:G2109

Handle business umbrella with duke&large maple reinforced folding umbrella, 30 years the same classic, reinforced stent,the gentleman umbrella, the solid wood umbrella handle, the duke of the style has never changed, bring this umbrella out, highlight the men of the elegant taste.

In fact, regardless of clothing or umbrella, quality is the first meaning, high-grade quality can always be the first time to reflect a man's taste. 

Kobold, since 1855,it have been long histrory of 163 years, has been focusing on technology and quality, creating the most umbrella patents&also get all the european consumer's agree.