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Ancient people said: "Fair Lady, gentleman constant persuit", and now the times of women's liberation, women don't require women to be quite fair lady,you might be a lively, or quiet, or capable of independence, everyone have their own love. But the elegant women is desirable, regardless of men and women or any age stage,the elegant women can't be always resistable.

Buddha to gold, people to clothes, a person's dress, can directly reflect a person's temperament and taste, especially in the summer of this blooming season, what kind of dress can make you stand out in the crowd?

Lace element dress

Lace element Slim skirt, lace is a symbol of ladies, is a classic

Lace black dress, with its wild features quickly in the fashion industry,it easily captured thousands of women's beauty of the heart by occupation of a place, with its simple style. No matter what kind of woman, can find a suitable little black dress, simple and elegant, without losing sexy. The lace sleeveless beach dress, pure white color and inviolable, stylish, wild, simple, the atmosphere suitable for multiple occasions to wear.


Temperament suits

Temperament suits, a competent, suitable for strong woman in the workplace, elegant wide leg pants, modified slender legs lines. detachable belt, outline slim waistline, create a female style charm

Elegant skirt

A shaped skirt can highlight a woman's feminine, word shoulder + plain skirt,can highlight the woman's playful, with the style of the style of extremely charming; floral skirt writes a French woman's tender, fresh and romantic.

A woman's most troublesome problem for summer travel is a strong UV to make skin see light black,and then the summer trip, what needs to prepare for sun block?

Fashion single product: sunglasses

Summer's sunshine is very strong, and there is a strong ultraviolet radiation, a kind of injury for our eyes, so the best way is to wear a pair of sunglasses in the summer.

Travel single product: sunscreen cream

Summer travel, sunscreen cream is inevitable, especially travel to the uncontaminated city, UV is more intense, must be equipped with times sunscreen, and the multiple to more than 30 times, recommended 50 times sunscreen.

Necessary single product: kobold umbrella

The essential part for summer travel is kobold sunny umbrella, 0 light through the high-energy sunscreen, in the summer,a changing the impermanence of the season, prepare a sunny umbrella is always necessary.

Chinese silk's smooth sense can describe the beautiful woman of this noble, beautiful and calm, do not need to whitewash, you can distribute the fascinating feminine

Every woman is a painting, preference for ink painting woman shades affordable, full of flavor, with the clouds in the blue sky water in the wisdom of the bottle, they naturally do not make the elegant temperament, always intriguing.

 Umbrella fresh flowers vine, do not forget my morning cows, there are flowers and butterflies, And enjoy the summer fresh and romantic.