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Kobold business's vision

1.product vision:

We look forward to provide the world's customers with the highest quality and most innovative umbrella and related products.
As well as fashion design, we hope that we can make kobold umbrella to be mobile life aesthetics.


2.corporate vision:

We look forward to become the world's most advanced technology umbrella enterprises,the enterprise will be built into the umbrella industry with the longest history of the legendary brand through a scientific management philosophy and forward-looking marketing plan

3.staff vision:

We are willing and committed to providing high quality workplace environment with the growth of employees and employees.

Sincerely hope that we can make each employee get long-term growth in Kobold's personal welfare,workplace,ability...

4.social vision:

a. Return to the people: we will continue to contribute to the society through public welfare activities.

b.Thanksgiving ecology:the use of environmentally friendly materials and production methods to protect the environment,without prejudice to the ecological environment.

c.Leading the umbrella:we hope that we can provide news ideas for the umbrellas manufacturing industry through the application of innovative materials and invention patents.