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Historical story


KORTENBACH&RAUH CO.,Ltd was founded.



In 1855, Germany was filled with the atmosphere of scientific research, these people work tirelessly into scientific research by the never-ending hard work and professional ability.

In this atmosphere, in August 1855, Kortenbach&Carl Rauh started  the kortenbach & Rauh co.,ltd(kobold predecessor)in Wei rhineland,and these focus on the quality of Germany,later known as the quality of the foundation of the world.

And later, Wei rhineland became the umbrella production center that influenced the world. For decades we have lived in a relatively calm political environment and have not experienced the terrible war that destroyed the whole nation, and it has created a lot of wisdom that affects our lives and even the survival of our lives.


The first invention of the folding umbrella

K & R (kobold) developed rapidly, scientific mechanization talented people, factories are constantly expanding, and at the same time,the factory produced the first batch of iron straight bone, curved groove and curved umbrella frame under the leadership of Carl Peter Fritz Bill.

 In this case, in 1897 kobold designer Fritz Worring designed the first folding umbrella, after the umbrella counterparts competing to imitate.

The invention of folding umbrella was origined from life detail, kobold’s first generation top designer Fritz, in a rainy morning, he see an old lady in the eaves under the umbrella, both hands are carrying the basket, but also empty out two fingers to take the umbrella,it looks heavy.

Fritz thought that if the umbrella was smaller, it could be packed in a basket.

After a period of exploration, a number of attempts at the factory was made all over the night, finally succeeded in producing the world's first folding umbrella.



The birth of 窗体顶端

The birth of the K ° bold

In 1937, K & R chose kobold as our brand name.

"Guardian" have been the concept of Kortenbach’s founder.


Kobold is an ancient mythology of the lovely elf, it can change the shape of the body, like shadow guardian owner, it lives in the cave, is considered as a miner and other underground worker’s protection God.


Since then, Kobold same as K & R company, "guard" with their common owner


1939’s - 1945’s

World War II broke out,Kobold became a military factory

Before the outbreak of World War II, folding umbrella skeleton production becomes more and more important. Flirt, Cadet and Puck,
have been the world's first-class quality&it win good reputation.

With the company's steady development, but also regain a steady pace in the international market , this good momentum of development until the outbreak of the war has also been affected in September 1939 , it also was encouraging 90 employees, followed by the transformation of military production,including the umbrella home product category, and other accessories for military requirements, the war almost caused the rapid growth of the German product changes, Kortenbach & Rauh also included. The additional labor force is increasingly replacing for the old labor force.

Air raids have completely changed the lives of individuals, as well as stable order, hindering long-term planning.

The city was destroyed, uninterrupted repair after the war to become a daily life, we all know that this is duty-bound thing, but the state issued an order, even if
we faced with a lot of difficult, but also implement.

November 5
th-6th, 1944, the Zorinen Center was destroyed.

s-1945’s, the work of the factory was seriously damaged.

In the spring of 1945, the work was completely stagnant. Besides for major material losses, the first problems to bear the brunt of the lives of people sacrificed. Employees, 12 members, of which two families of the son no longer returned to their homes. After the disintegration, the Americans occupied the factory until they closed them in mid-April.




Kobold rebirth after the World War II  

After World War II, Kobold faced an unprecedented challenge, and the restoration of peaceful production was a tough fight.

The new beginning was in July 1945’s, 122 men and 61 women, girls. Before 1947, the reconstruction began, and at that time also promoted the possibility of all reconstruction.


At the same time, the fifth generation managers tart the company's business, Dr.Hans-Jurgen Worring, Dicter Worring and Mrs.Hildegard Terp.


The company is developing and consolidating its position through production and export, and all positive actions are in the area of the West German Reconstruction Action Plan.



Kobold, Knirps and K & R

In the early 1970’s, Max Wang, general manager of K ° bold, met his later business partner, Rainer Hoffman. They worked together in Taiwan for Bosch Lens Company, and
in the work progress, they established a deep friendship and respect for each other's business philosophy.It also laid the foundation for the cooperation of the two men. At that time, the umbrella industry had three of the most important producers, K & R, Bremshey and Bauer, whose brands were kobold, Knirps and Boy. In 1974, Bremshey (the original owner of the Knirps brand) established a factory in Taiwan. In 1977, Hoffman ended his work at Bosch, joined Bremshey's factory, became the general manager, and at the same time he quickly introduced Max Wang into the factory and appointed him as deputy general manager. In 1979, Bremshey was acquired by K & R, when two of the world's three umbrella brands (Knirps and Kobold) were merged.



Kobold became the designated umbrella for the Munich Olympics in Germany

In 1972, kobold is the leader of the international umbrella
.at that time, it was officially designated umbrella in the German Munich Olympic Games by virtue of the good reputation in the industry



After the merger of K & R,Knirps, they set up "Qi Mei", a Taiwan company in china dedicated to the production of Knirps and K ° bold. At the beginning of 1980’s, the factory had about 75 employees, managed by Max Wang and K & R's core members. A few years later, Qi Mei's growing have a good reputation in the international area. The success is largely by virtue of invention, patent.And adhering to the reliable production technology created by the excellent quality. At that time, some other brands in the Far East have been looking for reliable factories, Qi Mei caused their interest, which is a very important step Qi Mei go to the world . In 1987, Taiwan's production costs gradually increased, so Max Wang began to find a solution in the mainland. Although his initial idea was to find a subordinate factory, he finally set up a new factory on the mainland.




In China, the factory offers more competitive operating costs, and Max Wang will save the cost to protect the new plant's product quality and product technology research and development. His investment remuneration and Chinese factories are growing steadily. A worldwide Knirps (K & R) has stood up on this land. The investment in new product technology development, the quality of the product is almost demanding, and the atmosphere between employees like the big family, these are the key to the success of this new plant. At the same time, this confirms the original factory strategy that Kortenbach& Rauh had a foresight over a hundred years. K & R (kobold) and Knirps merged, they set up "Qi Mei", a Taiwan company, dedicated to the  mass production for Knirps, K ° bold products. At the beginning of the early 1980’s, the factory had about 75 employees, managed by Max Wang and K & R's core members.



After years
of successful management of factory production, Max Wang decided to confirm his valuable work experience. With his professional product, marketing knowledge and processing technology, he gave the challenge to himself, returning to the K ° bold brand, and as an emerging brand into the umbrella market.Max Wang's ambition for K ° bold is very clear, he wants to create the world's best quality, best function, the most intimate design of the umbrella. At the beginning he was focused only on his area of expertise: product and management; the most advanced design, the most skilled employees and the good interaction between high quality fabric suppliers, these are the cornerstone of the growth of the brand. In 2006, Wang put all his energy on the design of the product, he hired an international design team stationed in China to design, develop and build brand. This is the most special place for K ° bold, the factory is no longer just a place of production; the staff and designers responsible for the production can communicate the most quickly, creating a special link between creativity and output.



Advancing with the times,leading the high-end &fashion umbrella

Taiwan designer MaxWang took over Kobolds management, committed to the umbrella with the details of the improvement and visual design, leading the world umbrella trend. In 2008,kobold became the F1 race referee designated umbrella, all-star golf team designated umbrella.

In 2011
, kobold achieve the global umbrella a leading sales, welcomed by international women.

In 2013,kobold conform to the rise of domestic e-commerce, the formal entry into e-commerce, achieve online and offline in one of the retail model



K ° bold registered their new trademarks in 2007 and also pointed out the future direction of the brand.

Back to the original product concept of a "protection",on the basis of the development of the umbrella, including suitcases, clothing and travel accessories product.

Every details for K ° bold stems from the concern of consumers. Each of the design, development and manufacture of products can be confident to provide their highest level of design, the most advanced features and the best quality.

Kobold after 162 years of history, has always remembered the founder's earnest teachings: "Only be able to know the past, and a clear understanding of the people now, have the ability to predict the future."